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The New Argentina - Financial Times Special Report

Published on September 29th edition

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- Argentina’s brief window for reforms opens up

The reforms of new president Mauricio Macri are having a positive impact but time may be his biggest obstacle

by John Paul Rathbone

- Martin Wolf: Argentina’s debt dispute must not be repeated

Argentina salvaged its reputation in settling its 15-year bond dispute but the terms of the deal must not set a precedent

by Martin Wolf

- Interview: Argentine president Mauricio Macri looks to end confrontational politics

The president of Argentina says his austere approach can revive the economy and turn the page on mistakes of the past

by Benedict Mander

- Results of foreign direct investments in Argentina remain flat

Foreign companies have promised to invest $30bn since Macri took over but only $1.3bn materialised in the first half of this year

by Benedict Mander

- Macri wants Argentina to be ‘the supermarket of the world’

The president has scrapped taxes on beef and grain exports — but what else needs to follow?

by James Wilson

- Argentina looks to tap into its vast reserves of resources and energy potential

Despite vast reserves of shale oil and gas and huge scope to produce renewable power, the country’s energy market is beset with patchy supply and low capacity

by James Wilson

- Six men and women shaping how the world views Argentina

The men and women shaping how the world views their nation

by Daniel Politi

- Argentina: home to the majority of Latin America’s tech unicorns

A global mindset among its entrepreneurs has made Argentina a natural home for fast-growing tech start-ups

by Benedict Mander

- Argentina embraces more open-minded ideals, inspired by Jorge Luis Borges

More open-minded ideals, inspired by literary giant Jorge Luis Borges, challenge a Peronist legacy

by Benedict Mander

- Argentine football controversies mirror the country’s politics

Like its history, the national sport is a volatile mix of big personalities and controversy

by Jimmy Burns

- How a Frenchman helped transform Argentina’s wine industry

The country’s 500-year-old wine industry had struggled for international respectability until, two decades ago, along came a Frenchman

by Benedict Mander

- A look into the nuances of Argentine wines

Peter Richards assesses the country’s changing industry, and selects Argentine wines to look out for

by John Carlin

- Argentina tourism gets cheaper and easier to visit

Efforts are under way to attract visitors to less well-known regions

by Benedict Mander

- The enduring Argentine myth of the economic quick fix

Early 20th century Italian and Spanish immigrants to the country bequeathed an enduring sense of dislocation

by John Carlin

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