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Mercosur - European Union: 10th Round of Negotiations, 10-14 october 2016

On 10-14 October, a round of negotiations between MERCOSUR and the European Union was held in Brussels. It was the first full round of negotiations since 2012 and the first one to take place since the exchange of offers on markets access on 11 May 2016.

Negotiators carried out a comprehensive analysis of the texts and rules subject to negotiation. They also exchanged viewpoints on how to make progress on market access issues. To summarize, the Lead Negotiators expressed their satisfaction with the results of a productive and constructive meeting that yielded progress on a broad range of fields.

Both Parties undertook a commitment to endeavour to make progress on the negotiations. To such end, they agreed to work on a number of issues before the next meeting and to hold a new negotiations round in Buenos Aires, in March 2017.

Friday 14th October
Press release No. 336/16.
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